Outremont High School Class of 1957 Fiftieth Anniversary Reunion
Montreal May 5-6, 2007

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Outremont High School Class of 1957 Fiftieth Anniversary Reunion Welcome Message

It has been 50 years since we graced the corridors and classrooms of the newly constructed building that we knew as Outremont High. The memories of those times, vivid though they may be, continue to occupy a special place in our hearts. We manage to summon them up now and again whenever we bump into a former classmate, come across an old photo or rummage through some memorabilia.

We all left after graduation with the hopes of our generation – to do well, to have families, and to make the world a better place. Emerging from the Second World War with the hope for a better life, we came from a time of innocence; protected by our elders, knowing that if anything was wrong, they could right it. A lot has changed since our cocoon days at Outremont High. It was a time of discovery that we could increase our longevity by improving our health and creating a better environment, and that discrimination of others had to be righted.  Any idea of precisely where we were headed and what the world might be like 50 years hence was little more than vague imagery.

Now 50 years have come and gone and here we are, very fortunate to be reliving those halcyon days spent at Outremont High, if only for a short while, to pass some time with our old class-mates, to reminisce and remember some special moments of a time gone by, to reflect upon the last 50 years and to be able to say that we got through them reasonably well.

Perseverance was our motto, and that is one word that still has the same meaning today as it did the day we graduated.  That is the message we leave the next generation – be positive and work together and anything is possible. With the ability to touch someone around the world with just a fingertip, the dream of making that world a better place is more in our grasp than ever.

This 50th anniversary reunion we are about to experience offers a rare opportunity for all of us, an opportunity to revisit what for most of us was a happy and meaningful time. It also provides us with fond memories to hold on to, to refresh in our minds a distant past and even a chance to put our own lives into clearer perspective. So let all of us who believe that the time we spent at Outremont High was worthwhile immerse ourselves in the spirit of this wonderful evening. 

Allen E. Feldman

Sue Carol Guttman Isaacson


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