Lionel Chetwynd

You gave me a great gift -- more than I would have imagined possible in the abstract -- by returning a part of my personal dignity that had been missing for so long I thought I had forgotten all about it.  I had not.  I am so proud to now be included in your number.

My gratitude and admiration for you all.

George Fanaberia

The evening will be the talk of the town for some time to come. Kudos to all!!!!!

Eddy Shore (Shtull)

Congratulations and thank you for what will be a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Lazarus David Caplan

Congratulations to the team on a great job.

The weekend exceeded my very high anticipation and expectations.


Susie Harriet Reich Tenenhouse

Many thanks for organizing a great reunion. It is clearly apparent that you all worked very hard to pull this thing off so successfully. My congratulations to you all. I am thoroughly enjoying The Outlook 2007 - very professional indeed.

Nan Schlesinger Wolfe

It was a GREAT party.  I had lots of fun and am sorry it is all over.

Stanley Perel

Had a great reunion!!

Bonnie Stamos Destounis

Just want to congratulate the committee on the excellent job. Everything was fantastic. Seeing everyone the food desserts and of course my favorite "tootsie rolls! Great idea.

Joyce Kessler Bellman

    I want to thank everyone for the outstanding job you did in organizing the 50th reunion. There was a feeling of warmth and connectiveness throughout the weekend  that could not have happened without the precision planning that was evident in every aspect of the event.

    We were all very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Strathcona and Outremont High and to have been in the company of so many incredibly good people. It was a sheer delight to be able to reconnect and share stories with classmates and fellow students.

 My husband Seymour was very impressed with the amount of work that went into this reunion and really enjoyed himself as well.

    Thanks again for a very special weekend.

Martin Lubin

In my opinion, a once-in-a-lifetime thrill.

Ellie Kornbluth Levine

The pictures I sent reflect the joy we all felt throughout the evening and

at the brunch at Marian's.

The Out-Look 2007 is an amazing feat. Our website is another example of

incredible work and accomplishment. Honouring our classmates who died was an

act of kindness, respect and thoughtfulness.

Lionel's graduation ceremony was fun and touching for all of us. Thank you

Committee and Cutty.  Thank you for asking me to participate. Lionel and

Gloria and I have enjoyed a loving, endearing and enduring relationship ever

since we met at Strathcona Academy. It meant a great deal to me to help him

put  his cap on his head.  Unfortunately I put it on backwards!!!  It was a

wonderful surprise for me when you called me up and I thank you very much

for that.  I must admit that I used waterproof mascara because I knew that

the evening would be too moving for me to not shed some tears.

Jerry Cohen did a perfect Jerry Cohen.  We all had  very hardy and hearty

laughs. I am delighted that Jerry and I have used this opportunity to get to

know each other much better than we did while we were in high school.

I have been in touch with Mel Kerstein - Mark London.  Lionel had reported

to Mel what a great time we all had.  Mark of course regrets that he was

unable to be with us.  He is recovering well but was unable to travel the

great distance at the time of our reunion.

Marian was a generous and modest hostess.  I needed more time with all of

you and Marian made it possible.  Thank you very much.

I always regret when I make any lists because it is inevitable that I will

miss important features.  I apologize for that.  I loved seeing everyone all

these years later.  I will definitely follow-up with some people.

To our dear committee

You worked hard. Success is too weak a word to describe our reunion.  Thank

you very much.  I believe that your highest expectations and hopes must have

been exceeded. I am still flying high and telling my family and friends

about our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reunite and have lots of fun.

Love and hugs and thanks

Barry Perzow

Reunion was meaningful event for me. Reconnecting with so many bright, youthful and energetic folks made me realize how much those relationships meant in our formative years, a lifetime ago, in helping shape who and what I am today….which I am so grateful for.

Lets not lose this connection.

Soryl Pofelis Soiferman

What a wonderful party!  It was great to see so many friends and pick up so easily where we left off.  For two days we felt like teenagers again with all the wisdom and experience of 50 years to make it pure fun.

I received the group photo today - it's great - organized and spontaneous at the same time.


What a lucky break to be part of this group. 



Harriet Smiley Rockow

The reunion was incredible and I enjoyed seeing each and every one of you. The organizing group did a phenomenal job and kudos to all of you.

Pat Fox Kutz

The experience was wonderful.  I want to convey my appreciation to the committee. It is obvious that the task was daunting, but the results were amazing. You put together a terrific program----very appropriate, especially the Memorial which was sobering, to say the least! And Lionel’s graduation was vindication at last! Thank you all for this great experience!

Ellie Kornbluth Levine

I re-experience the exuberant feelings again as I watch the slideshows that you have posted.

This has to have been the reunion par-experience of all reunions.

You have done and are doing a yeoman’s job with our website. 

Thank you, Gerry

Bobby Woloz

Thank you!! for the invite to that awesome 50th class reunion.  I was honoured to be included - What a good group! What a coup!  What dedication to pull it all off!  I really enjoyed the evening.

Nan Schlesinger Wolfe

The picture of all of us arrived today and it was great. Everyone looks relaxed, happy and healthy.

After having had time to reflect on everything that went on during the evening, and the following day, I am realizing just how much work, creativity, determination, and cooperation was required to bring it all to fruition. Everything seems to have worked out seamlessly and I vote for this team to plan our next 50th. The only false note was that Lionel was able to graduate WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE HIS MATRICS. How did we let that happen?

I am really happy to have made it to this reunion and it was so great to see so many old friends who are happy and successful productive, etc.

Judy Labow Wugalter

It was a lovely reunion, well planned and conducted. I particularly enjoyed Jerry Cohen.

Elaine Nadler Harris

Enough time has passed to reflect on how special our Reunion was and how important it was to reconnect with those with whom we shared so many wonderful memories. I must say that the women looked great and was refreshing. It was particularly exciting to try and cram 50 years into one evening with many of those we shared our teenage lives. I would welcome another "mini" event some time.

The pictures are great...everyone look so happy to see each other. In talking to people from other years, I've come to understand we really had a GREAT year with terrific people who still are. Gerry, thanks for all you are doing. You are making our memories live.

With fondest memories, Elaine Nadler Harris

Faigie Rashcovsky Coodin

You guys (and gals) are so incredible. The work accomplished was amazing. Still carrying the warm reunion feelings.

Thanks again for all.